Be A Part of Tampa Bay Fashion Week 2016! Volunteer Information Here

Mandatory Volunteer Meeting for Tampa Bay Fashion Week 2016. Join us to be a part of the energy, excitement and fun! Wednesday, Sept. 10 at 9:30am We're looking for positive, happy people who work hard, understand teamwork, and want to be productive while having fun! We have opportunities for front-of-house and backstage. Click here for more information! In fact, education, rest, low crime rates, economic advantages are really substantial. But, health is actually important. Today, online is the perfect technique to get any remedies for your needs. What do you think Kamagra is? What about order viagra? How you can get detailed information about where to get viagra? The most substantial aspect you must look for is how to take viagra. Erectile dysfunction can be a result of a physical state. Even when it has a physical cause, mental health problems can make sexual problems worse. However, sexual problems can soothe chronic hurt and can affect the quality of breath. And the pills are as a rule considered safe. Common side effects can switch on sinus congestion, but it is certainly more common when you take more than the amount recommended. While this medicament is not for use in women, Kamagra is not expected to be harmful to an unborn baby.

Announcing 2016 Tampa Bay Fashion Week Designers & Brands

Congratulations to the fashion designers who were selected for Tampa Bay Fashion Week 2016! We're really thankful for the talented designers who apply every year ~ thank you! We only have a limited number number of opportunities to showcase and present the 2017 Spring/Summer collections and we're excited for the talent we'll bring to the runway. This year we will also have an exclusive retailer showcase from big brands, some of who will also be premiering their Spring 2017 collections! Take a look at this year's picks here and see you at the runway shows on Friday, Sept. 23 and Saturday, Sept. 24!   Save Save