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Last year (2011) during Tampa Bay Fashion Week I was so able to have a booth/table with a chance to show and sell my shoes. I had tons of great opportunities thanks to that night. But one was very generous and kind. Local boutique of Baubles…etc , Linda had approached me there for the first time about my heels and long story short, my product is now there to sell!
-Ivanka Ska, House of Ska fashion and accessories designer

Fashion Week Tampa Bay is a great opportunity that helps designers explore their voice and provides a platform for them to connect with the community.
-Ben Chmura, fashion designer (Project Runway, Season 7)

Participating in Tampa Bay Fashion Week brings the exposure that we all are looking for…whether it’s being featured in magazines, newspapers, on TV or connecting with buyers and boutiques…Tampa Bay Fashion Week is a great way to raise your profile. I can’t say enough good things about the dedicated, consummate professionals who put the show and the Tampa Bay Fashion Week events together. Participation in Tampa Bay Fashion Week was, as they say, “priceless.
-Terri Funaro, fashion designer

Tampa Bay Fashion Week introduced me to some valuable connections, including buyers who have purchased my collection.
-Kimberly Hendrix of khendrix, fashion designer

It’s great to be at Tampa Bay Fashion Week…I’d love to come again!
-Special guests, Victorya Hong of Project Runway, Season 4 and Jackie Miranne

Being a part of Tampa Bay Fashion Week has increased my media portfolio, which is valuable to any designer who is serious about their business.
-Essence Flowers of Essence Flowers Inc. and Essence Flowers Sports, fashion designer

The area’s biggest style event has steadily grown over four years, surviving the economy and graduating from tents to a grand ballroom…
-Stephanie Hayes, Tampa Bay Times (Sept. 18, 2011)