Ohlendorf, atelier by Wendy Ohlendorf

/Ohlendorf, atelier by Wendy Ohlendorf
Ohlendorf, atelier by Wendy Ohlendorf 2017-08-09T17:25:20-04:00

Wendy Ohlendorf is a lifelong artist, who combines her educational background in fine art and design with her love of vintage technique and textile to create modern, romantic, visually impactful works of wearable art.

Wendy’s inspiration can be found in music, nature, film, and architecture, or more often a combination of many to tell the story of each collection. These inspirations combined with a rich history of travel and life experience is evident in her fashion designs. Ohlendorf, atelier has made a distinctive reputation in the Pacific Northwest; Wendy has recently relocated back to the Tampa Bay area where she will continue to design one of a kind and custom garments in her Gulfport studio.

Learn more about Ohlendorf, atelier by Wendy Ohlendorf at: www.wendyohlendorf.com, and on Facebook or Instagram.